pest, reeled and staggered l▓ike sinking ships; but, suddenly and ster▓nly recovering, they closed on the●ir terrible enemies, and then wa▓s seen with what a strength and maj

ights.In vain did Soul●t with voice and gesture animate his Fr●enchmen, in vain did the hardiest veterans b▓reak from the crowded columns and sacrifice the●ir lives to gain t

ut on such a fair field; in vain did the mass i●tself bear up, and, fiercely st▓riving, fire indiscriminately upon frie●nds and foes, while the horsemen▓, hovering on the fla

he advancing line.Nothing could ▓stop that astonishing infantry.▓ No sudden burst of undisciplined valour, no ner●vous enthusiasm weakened the sta▓bility of their order; thei